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  • Приветствую Вас, Гость.
    Текущая дата: Воскресенье, 2022-01-16, 1:04 PM

    Альбом The Massacre :
    1. Intro

    Are you kidding me ? You want lyrics to the intro???

    2. In My Hood

    [50 Cent]
    Niggaz screw they face up at me
    On some real shit son they don't want beef (nah)
    I cock that, aim that shit out the window and spray
    There ain't a shell left in my heat
    Y'all niggaz better lay down, yeah I mean stay down
    You get hit with AK round, your ass ain't gon' make it
    You niggaz'll get laid out, your blood and your brains out
    Have you on the concrete ship already sinkin
    I'm from Southside motherfucker, where them gats explode
    If you feel like you're on fire, boy drop and roll
    Niggaz'll eat yo' ass up, cause they heart turned cold
    Now you can be a victim or you can lock and load
    The party jump, shorty bouncin that ass, I wanna fuck
    Gimme a second I'ma holla I'ma see whassup
    I got my razor in my hand, got my pistol in the trunk (uh-huh)
    Carve your ass up nice you play me like a punk

    [Chorus: 50 Cent singing]
    In my hood - niggaz got love for me
    But I don't go nowhere without my strap
    In my hood - a little 'dro, a little Hennessy
    and niggaz just don't know how to act
    In my hood - niggaz is gri-mey
    I stay on point, I roll with my gat
    In my hood - niggaz might buck at me
    So I keep somethin around to buck back

    [50 Cent]
    In my hood... I don't trust a muh'fuckin soul
    When the D's come they fold, on my first case they told
    Where I'm from it ain't safe to have more than a eighth
    Niggaz'll come to your place, put a gun in your face
    Tell you open the safe, as your heart start to race
    Cause a robbery could turn into a homo' case
    Co-operate, or Doc'll have to operate
    Niggaz I'll pop you, run a light then pop at Jake
    Trust me son, niggaz'll go hard for that cake
    These thirsty niggaz are lurkin, you'll have to catch 'em and merk 'em
    I'm observin in my hood, cause niggaz be dumbin
    Shots forfeit the dice game, all you see is the runnin
    They make it harder and harder to pump on the block
    I'm a hustler, how the fuck I'm 'sposed to eat when it's hot?


    [50 Cent]
    In my hood - the house party off the hook until them shots go off
    Well that's what you get for stuntin on my block showoff
    Up, you shit out of luck if niggaz catch you slippin (uh-huh)
    Crack money slow so you know niggaz is trippin (yeah)
    Shorty down there on that Queens tracks takin a whippin
    Shiiiit, bitch get out of pocket, she need some discipline
    Peep the fiend shootin diesel in his arm in the alley (ahh)
    Look at the chrome spinner spinnin on that black Denali
    The grimey niggaz where I'm from don't wanna see you chipped up
    You shy nigga on jux, you about to shoot your whip up
    It ain't good to do good in my hood
    {*click-clack, BLAM*} You know not to do good now


    [50 Cent]
    In my hood...

    3. This Is 50

    "This is 50"

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    I, don't know what you take me for
    I, really don't play that shit
    I, ain't got to get you hit
    I get out myself and spray that shit

    [Verse One]
    I got a itchy-itchy trigger finger, nigga it's the killa in me
    not to spray this shiiiiiiit
    I got enough ammo shots to blow I put a hole
    in any motherfucker out this biiiiiiitch
    I unload to reload when you get hit I suppose
    you gon' be strong enough to take this shiiiiiiit
    I'm in the hood ridin 'round with a fo'-fo' pound
    Can you see through the limousine tiiiiiiints?
    I do dirt, the gat bust, I get to kickin up dust
    'fore the Jakes come around here kiiiiiiid
    Niggaz get knocked if D's start askin question
    My name end up in all types of shiiiiiiit
    I'll be a gangsta nigga 'til I die fo' sho'
    Whether I'm po' or I'm filthy riiiiiiich
    Now what you know about movin that Peruvian flake
    for that cake, I get rid of dem briiiiiiicks

    [Chorus] - repeat 2X

    [Verse Two]
    Now I gotta have shoes, you know chrome 22's
    Every time I get a brand new whiiiiiiip
    I rode around in the 5 'til my money got right
    Then I went back and got that siiiiiiix
    I'm in a big white Benz on a hot sunny day
    I call it the milktruck an' shiiiiiiit
    I'll have your hoe eyeballin at the light damn pimpin
    You should take time to check that biiiiiiitch
    If I'm ridin through the hood actin like it's all good
    but I'm lookin for jux an' shiiiiiiit
    In the middle of the night, you can turn on the light
    Find me and my niggaz in yo' criiiiiiib
    Nigga holla if there's a problem and yo' niggaz got drama
    I got burners for sale and shiiiiiiit
    Got them macs, got them 9's, got them techs full of dime
    Hollow-tips and them extra cliiiiiiips

    [Chorus] - repeat 2X

    [Verse Three]
    Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
    E'rything about me be gangsta
    Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
    I won't hesitate to pop or shank ya
    Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
    They can't hustle when I'm in this shit
    Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
    You don't listen, you gon' get yo' ass hit

    "This is 50"

    Yeah! Nigga cherish me
    Like the water you drink
    Like the air you breathe
    You need me to live

    4. I'm Supposed To Die Tonight

    [50 Cent]
    Ah-ha man! Ay you know where them niggaz be at right?
    {*click-clack*} Take me to 'em

    [Chorus: 50 singing]
    All through the hood I keep hearin niggaz sayin
    - I'm supposed to die tonight
    Niggaz done put a hit out and they talkin like the shit okay
    - I'm down to ride tonight
    We rollin, whip stolen, AK golden
    - I'm down to ride tonight
    Weed smokin, straight loc'n, lock and loadin
    - Somebody gon' die tonight

    [Verse One]
    This is nuttin new, I been in this position before
    Grandma crib, niggaz outside of her door
    Different day same shit, old mac new clip
    32 hollow-tips, gloves, no rubber grip
    I'm a boss, but niggaz never show no respect
    I catch 'em slippin, I'll have 'em tongue-kissin my tec
    Gwan come, test me, pussy boy, don't try it
    Police response never fast enough to shots fired
    Don't be stupid, find out who you fuckin with son
    'Fore we find out where yo' bitch get her hair and nails done
    It's elementary, life is but a dream
    You know row row your boat, your blood forms a stream
    After you get hit, you shoulda thought about the shit
    You took that paper you take a life or yo' life get took bitch
    Sometimes I sit and look at life from a different angle
    Don't know if I'm God's child or I'm Satan's angel


    [Verse Two]
    In 2002, if you asked me to make a wish
    I simply woulda wished that my music would be a hit
    Big said, "Damn - niggaz wanna stick me for my paper"
    "And pray for my downfall," I understand it all
    But me, I'm a little more flashy a nigga
    So chances are, I'ma have to blast me a nigga
    I'm on that Kevlan vest shit, that wild wild West shit
    There's eighty-one one carat stones in my necklace
    I shine so hard, I make motherfuckers wan' kill me
    Every projects in every hood I go, they feel me
    Know it sounds like rap, but this shit is real B
    I don't talk that rich shit, but nigga I'm filthy
    When I come out to play, and my mob ain't with me
    You can bet your bottom dollar that revolver with me
    Homeboy, frontin on me'll shorten your lifespan
    Hold the mic with my left, my knife in my right hand


    {*sounds of gunshots and people screaming, tires peel out*}

    5. Piggy Bank

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    Clickity-clank, clickity-clank
    The money goes into my piggy bank
    Clickity-clank, clickity-clank
    The money goes into my piggy bank

    [Verse One]
    I'll get at you - my knife cuts your skin
    I'll get at you - blow shots at your man
    I'll get at you - Tupac don't pretend
    I'll get at you - I'll put that to an end
    That shit is old, don't be screamin "Get at Me Dog"
    Have you runnin for your life when I match ya part
    I get to wavin that semi like it's legal
    A lil' nigga hurt his arm, lettin off that Eagle, you know me
    Black on black Bentley, big ol' black 9
    I'll clap your monkey-ass, yeah black on black crime
    Big ol' chrome rims gleam, you know how I shine
    C'mon on man, you know how I shine
    I'm in the hood, in the drop, Teflon vinyl top
    Got a 100 guns a 100 clips, why I don't hear no shots?
    That fat nigga thought "Lean Back" was "In Da Club"
    My shit sold 11 mill', his shit was a dud
    Jada' don't fuck with me, if you wanna eat
    Cause I'll do yo' little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep
    Yeah homey in New York niggaz like your vocals
    But that's only New York, dog yo' ass is local


    Yeah, yeah get more money, more money
    Yeah - yeah, yeah get more money, more money
    Yeah - yeah, yeah get more money, more money
    Yeah - yeah, yeah get more money, more money

    [Verse Two]
    Banks' shit, sells; Buck's shit, sells
    Game's shit, sells; I'm rich as - hell
    Shyne poppin off his mouth from a cell
    He don't want it with me, he in P.C.
    I could have a nigga run up on him with a shank
    For just a few pennies out my piggy bank
    Yayo bring the condoms, I'm in room 203
    Freak bitch look like Kim before the surgery
    Send emergency, for Michael Jackson see
    You'll picture and say she looks like me
    Kelis said her "Milkshake" bring all the boys to the yard
    Then Nas went, and tattooed the bitch on his arm
    I mean like way out in Cali niggaz know you cuz
    First thing they say about you is youse a sucker for love
    This is chess not checkers, these are warning shots
    After your next move I'll give you what I got



    When I get at you - I'll punch out your grill
    I'll get at you - let off that blue steel
    I'll get at you - nigga I'm f'real
    I'll get at you - could get yo' ass killed
    YEAH! Yeahhh... hahahaha!
    Y'all niggaz gotta do somethin now man
    All the shoot 'em up shit y'all be talkin
    You gotta do somethin baby!
    I mean, I mean c'mon man everybody's listenin
    Nigga e'rybody listenin
    I know you ain't gon' just let 50 do you like that
    I mean damn, rep yo' hood nigga
    Nigga you hard right? Pop off
    Yayo, get mobs of them niggaz on the phone
    Tell niggaz I said grip up
    Niggaz got a green light on these monkeys

    6. Gatman And Robbin' (Feat. Eminem)

    [Em] Gee wilikers Gatman they got me surrounded
    [50] I'm on my way

    [Chorus - 50 Cent & Eminem]
    I got a gatman
    There's a problem I'ma solve it
    A nigga movin' around
    With a big ass revolver and a bat man
    What the fuck are you retarded
    You touch Shady I'll leave you dearly departed
    They say Batman

    [50 Cent]
    Robin, Cagney or Lacey, it's 50 cent and Shady
    The worst baby, put your hands on my people
    I'll be act crazy, put a hole thru ya front and ya back maybe
    But dude if you try me, I'll have ya ass hooked up to a IV
    I'll leave no witnesses when I ride B
    You fuck with me, you'll see
    I'll react'like an animal, tear you apart
    If the masterpiece was murder, I'd major in art
    Niggaz knew I wasn't wrapped too tight from start
    But bein' a little off, landed me on top of the charts (whoo)
    So you take the good with the bad, I guess
    Level three Teflon plate on my chest
    And my cock back hollow tip in the chamber
    Danger, anger will change ya
    And make ya aim that and squeeze

    [Chorus 50 Cent & Eminem]
    I got a gat man
    There's a problem I'ma solve it
    A nigga movin' around
    With a big ass revolver and a bat man

    Mothafucker, you retarded you touch 50
    I'll leave you dearly departed
    We're walkin' away from a beef, in which clearly you started
    I said we're walkin' away, did you hear me you outta be thankful
    That we ain't beefin' we're still breathin' and just leave it at THAT
    cause if me, 50, and G-Unit hop back in that BAT mobile
    It ain't gonna be no more rap, it's gonna be BrrRAAAAT
    Retaliation will be like that Muslim shi'ite ATTACK
    Some where along the line, its like me and 50 made a PACT
    He's got my back, I got his back[BACK]
    It's almost like we're kinda like Siamese twins
    Cause when we beef we pull each other in
    So we'll do shit like we're conjoined at the hip
    Its just unavoidable some of this shit is washable
    And some shit will never boil over
    And some of it will just simmer at best
    If left alone, but let it be known there won't be no sit downs
    wit no Benzinos, there will no peace discussions with me
    There ain't gon' be no friendly debates over crumpets and tea
    Just quit fuckin' with me and I'll gladly quit fuckin' wit you
    Just spit ya sixteen and do what you gotta do to get through
    without mentionin' me or the machine or Jimmy Iovine and Dre and 50
    D-Twizzie, Obie and just let it be or we'll be [KNOCK KNOCK]

    [Chorus - 50 Cent & Eminem]
    with a gatman
    There's a problem I'ma solve it
    A nigga movin' around
    With a big ass revolver and a bat man
    What the fuck are you retarded
    You touch Shady I'll leave you dearly departed

    [Verse 3 - 50 Cent]
    Nigga you get it twisted, you can get ya wig splitted
    I don't give a fuck, I don't care if police know I did it
    Man I hustle, I get money, in the sunshine or a blizzard
    I go hard for that paper, homie I just gotta get it
    Got 'em on the screen, I'm plottin' in the county and I'm with it
    You cross me and you gon' make a cemetary visit
    That's gangsta, you know me I told it, cuz I live it
    Showcases drop, when that chopper chop
    Way up the block, get hit with copper tops
    When drama pop, the llama pop
    And it won't stop, you can run, call the cops
    This ain't new, nigga's know how I be on it
    That shit you got, put my pistol to you I want it
    Its not a game, perfect aim you feel the flame
    Up against ya brain, man its so hot I'll make ya wish it rained

    [Chorus - 50 Cent & Eminem]
    I got a gatman
    There's a problem I'ma solve it
    A nigga movin' around
    With a big ass revolver and a bat man
    What the fuck are you retarded
    You touch Shady I'll leave you dearly departed

    7. Candy Shop (Feat. Olivia)

    [Intro - 50 Cent]
    Uh huh
    So seductive

    [Chorus - 50 Cent]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollipop
    Go ahead girl, don't you stop
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Chorus - Olivia (50 Cent)]
    I'll take you to the candy shop (yea)
    Boy, wanna taste what I got (uh huh)
    I'll have you spending all you got (c'mon)
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Verse - 50 Cent]
    You could have it your way
    How do you want it?
    You gonna back that thing up or should I push up on it?
    Temperature rising, ok
    Let's go to the next level
    Dance floor jam packed, hot as a tea kettle
    I break it down for you now, baby it's simple
    If you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho
    In the hotel or in the back of the rental
    On the beach or in the park, it's whatever you into
    Got the magic stick, I'm the love doctor
    Have your friends teaching you about how sprung I got you
    When you show me what you working baby, No problem
    Get on top, get your bounce around like a low rider
    I'm a seasoned vet, when it come to this shit
    After you work up a sweat, you could play with the stick
    I'm trying to explain baby, the best way I can
    I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hand (uh huh)

    [Chorus - 50 Cent]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollipop
    Go ahead girl, don't you stop
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Chorus - Olivia]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    Boy, wanna taste what I got
    I'll have you spending all you got
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Bridge - 50 Cent (Olivia)]
    Girl what we do (what we do)
    And where we do (and where we do)
    The things we do (things we do)
    Are just between me and you, yea (oh yeah, yea)

    [Verse - 50 Cent]
    Give it to me baby, nice and slow
    Climb on top, ride like you in a rodeo
    You ain't never heard a sound like this before
    Cuz I ain't never put it down like this
    Soon as I come through the door, she get to pulling on my zipper
    It's like a race, who can get undressed quicker
    Isn't it ironic, how erotic it is to watch them thongs
    Had me thinking about that ass after I'm gone
    I touched the right spot at the right time
    Lights on or lights off, she like it from behind
    So seductive, you should see the way she wind
    Her hips in slow mo on the floor when we grind
    No she ain't stopping homie and I ain't stoppin
    Dripping wet with sweat, man it's on and poppin
    All my champagne campaign, bottle after bottle, it's on
    And we gonna sip till every bubble an every bottle is gone

    [Chorus - 50 Cent]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollipop
    Go ahead girl, don't you stop
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Chorus - Olivia]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    Boy, wanna taste what I got
    I'll have you spending all you got
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Chorus - 50 Cent]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    I'll let you lick the lollipop
    Go ahead girl, don't you stop
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    [Chorus - Olivia]
    I'll take you to the candy shop
    Boy, wanna taste what I got
    I'll have you spending all you got
    Keep going til you hit the spot, whoaa

    8. Outta Control

    [50 Cent]
    Yeah, Shady, Aftermath
    I - guess - you didn't know
    I - be - back for more
    Every-body's - on the floor
    Goin goin outta control
    Set it off on yo' left, dog
    Set it off on yo' right, dog
    Set it off
    Nigga I said set it off! (Set-set-set set it off)

    [50 Cent]
    Ha ha...
    Sick with it, boy better get with it, what?
    In the club I get it goin, goin, uh
    Just movin to the music it's on
    And the sounds of 50 and D-R-E
    Everything's calculated and sound precise
    Another move another mill', let's get right aight?
    Success is my drug of choice, I'm high off life
    Feelin lucky enough to bet it all on the dice
    Shorty do what you wanna do, hit the dance floor
    And move how you wanna move, later on
    we can cruise if you wanna cruise, it's whatever you want
    The fact is I got more than I flaunt, yeah

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    I do my thang, in the club
    Every chance I get, I tear it up
    Dance floor jampacked, look
    I got 'em goin goin outta control
    Set it off on yo' left, dog
    Set it off on yo' right, dog
    Set it off
    Nigga I said set it off! (Set-set-set set it off)

    [50 Cent]
    System thumpin, dance floor jumpin
    We 30 deep in this bitch, we stuntin
    That's what you get, you in my hood
    "I thought you understood" - you know me
    V.I.P., no ID
    Bottles of DP, I do it real B-I-G
    Bitches break their neck to be where I be
    Take 'em to ecstasy, without ecstasy
    I'm a chef you need the hit I got the recipe
    Doc got the antidote, it's in the drugs and the notes
    Can you feel it? Em said for me to make you feel it
    And remind you that you rockin with the realest


    [50 Cent]
    I'm hot boy, I'm burnin up
    I do my thang in the club with the burner tucked
    'Til the speakers all blown, we gon' turn it up
    And do that damn thang, yeah do that mayne
    Shorty, hit me high then hit me low
    Get to poppin and shakin that thing on the flo'
    A little dose of it, now I want some more
    Nobody put that thang on me like that before
    I be a fiend for it, it's the way you move
    But I ain't payin for it, cause I ain't no fool
    If you okay with it, tonight I stay with it
    Hit the telly play with it in a major way get it


    9. Get In My Car
    Uh huuuuh
    Uh huhhhh

    [Verse 1]
    I'm a straight guerilla wit it, cold hearted killa wit it
    Any nigga gettin' outta line can get it
    I make it hot, motherfuckers freeze up when I come through
    Mac-10, thirty two shot clip in my snorkel
    I might smile and say whats up but I don't fuck with you niggaz
    My rap money slow up, I'll run up on you niggaz
    I'm on the edge, I'm just waitin' on a nigga to push me
    Put my hand on my strap, what you lookin' at pussy
    We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends
    So much chrome on my Benz, you see ya face in my rims
    If your bitch wanna roll, I'ma let her get in
    I don't play but I'm a playa till the motherfuckin'end {*gunshots*}

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]
    I got no pickup lines
    I stay on the grind
    I tell the hoes all the time
    Bitch get in my car (Bitch get in)
    I got my 64, ridin' on Dayton spokes
    And when I open that do'
    Bitch get in my car

    [Verse 2]
    Don't tell me you don't know that, uhh I'm the shiiit
    Now you better watch ya girl mayn, I leave with ya biiitch
    I ain't stuntin' these hoes, man I'm bout my paper
    If your bitch really bout it nigga I'm gon' take her
    Backseat of my jeep, fuck till I fuck up her make up
    Take her to the Diamond District, introduce her to Jacob
    Tell her if she like me she should keep me icey
    My game fuck with a bitch brain till she think she wifey
    Spent a life savings in a day, cause she likes me
    Committment for me, uhh nah not likely
    When I wit Vivica, I thought I was onto somethin'
    But then the next week, nah man it was nothin' {*gunshots*}


    [Verse 3]
    Look into the windows of my soul, the eyes never lie
    They blood shot red, its gaunja in my system, I'm high
    First its pain when you lust for my love, then its smooth and calm
    Feel the rush, like a needles in your arm
    Its a cold world baby girl, lovin' me is not enough
    Find out when you fuckin' broke, love won't get you on the bus
    Man you should see the pretty bitches that be sexin' me
    They suck cock to make 'em hot, I just let 'em stand next to me
    Hundred percent thug, freak too, I'll taste your love
    69's the position, your mouths full baby huhhhh?
    My conversations so deep, I get in your head
    Next thing you know, you yawnin', turnin' over and I'm in the bed {*gunshots8}


    Quit playin' bitch get it
    You know you wanna ride with a nigga
    50 Cent

    10. Ski Mask Way

    [50 Cent]
    Yeah, I'm tryin to catch me somethin
    A little jux or somethin

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    Nigga that watch is nice, that's what you bought for me?
    That chain is nice, that's what you bought for me?
    Them earrings is nice, that's what you bought for me?
    Take that shit off, move I'll break you off properly
    I get mine the fast way, the ski mask way
    Make money, make money money money
    Nigga if you ask me, this the only way
    Take money, take money money money

    [Verse One]
    You wan' spray at me go 'head; the last nigga that tried
    got hit, keeled over, and bled 'til he died
    Your lil' sister callin me stupid, reason why
    her and your momma in the living room now hogtied
    I came up with two new ways to get rich, I can't wait
    Got a brand new cig in that ol' 38
    I be schemin to put a lil' bread on my plate
    Watch and dressers, look through a hole in the cake
    I stick a nigga for his sign, sell him back the next day
    You thought I really wanted your pussy? Bitch please
    This is stash house, jackpot, there go them ki's
    My black G-Unit hoodie just wreak with marijuana
    Cocaine comin out my pores in the sauna
    I'm serious man, I'm so sincere
    This the flow right here that fucked Jeffry's career
    Make money, take money, yeah nigga, YEAH


    [Verse Two]
    Who's that peepin in my window - WOW, the feds on me now
    They know when I'm sleepin, they know when I'm wake
    I know they got my phone tapped, I'm screamin fuck Jake
    I'm tryin to stay out them pens, so I switched states
    Bad News, VA - now that sounds great
    I see niggaz with that ice on, rims shined up
    This town's one big pussy, waitin to get fucked
    I holla at A.I. peoples to get gats
    They charge me 500 apiece for two macs
    Then I'm back doin me, I'm back out on the spree
    Catch me a nigga slippin out pumpin that D
    Get me a little crew I'll have 'em pumpin for me
    The more product I take the more paper we see
    Change my name, in NY they don't know where I be
    Yeah a nigga doin dirt but a nigga low-key


    11. A Baltimore Love Thing

    [50 Cent]
    She loves me, she loves me not (yeah)
    She loves me not

    The fiends need me
    I aint around, they bones ache
    Detox, rehab, cold sweats, watch them shake
    I'm not that genie in a bottle, I'm in a bag
    Take one hit and slide off to the Land of H man
    When we first met, I thought you never doubt me
    Now you tryin' to leave me, you never live without me
    Girl I'm missing you, come and see me soon
    Tie your arm up; put that lighter under that spoon
    Now put that needle to ya arm princess
    Stick it in, relapse
    you back bitch, don't ever try that again
    All the shit I did for you, I made you feel good
    We have a love thing, you treatin' this like it's just a fling
    What we have is more sacred than a vow or a ring
    You broke my heart you dirty bitch
    I won't forget what you did
    If you give birth, I'll already be in love with your kids
    Listen I don't give a damn if your ass starts smokin'
    But we have a bond that is not to be broken

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]
    We got a love thing
    Girl you tried to leave me but you need me
    Can you see you're addicted to me?
    We got a love thing
    I can take ya higher girl
    Fuckin' with me, you can be all you can be

    [50 Cent]
    Baby you know, on the low, ya sister been eyein' me
    I'm good lookin', so you know so she be tryin' me
    Heard she bi-sexual, she fuck what that girl
    But boy oh boy, fuckin' wit me is a whole 'nother world
    After that first night she fall in love, then chase the feelin
    I hung out with Marvin when he wrote Sexual Healing
    Kurt Cobain, we were good friends, Ozzy Osbourne too
    I be with rock stars, so you lucky I'm fuckin' with you
    I chilled with Frankie Lymon and Jimi Hendrix crew
    See this is new to you, but to me this aint new
    I live the lavish life
    Listen if the mood is right
    Me you and ya sister can do the do tonight
    I never steer you wrong, if you hyper I make you calm
    I'll be your incentive and your reason to make you move on
    Let's make a date, promise you'll come to see me
    Even if it means you have to sell ya mama's TV
    I love you, love me back
    No one said lovin' me be easy


    [50 Cent]
    I love you
    I gotchu' bad footed on glass
    Chasin a dove
    That monkey on ya back symbolizes my love
    Your friends talk bad about me, bitch
    You sit there and listen to them
    Over and over you hurt me
    My love is unconditional
    They talk to you when you up
    you down, then they got nothin' to say
    But when you call up, I come runnin'
    I always take the pain away
    They set you up to let you down
    You crowned, you prom queen
    They know bout me behind your back
    Call you a fuckin' fiend
    We just need to be alone so I can kiss and hug you
    Push me inside you
    No other man can love you like I do
    Call me daddy, I'll make you feel good, I mean real good
    I find pleasure in pleasing you like a real man should
    It was written long before us, it was carved in a tree
    Forever me and you baby, we were meant to be
    There's more to life than laughter, what brought us together was fate
    But we'll be hand in hand when you walk through those pearly gates
    and see to that, I'ma do whatever it takes


    12. Ryder Music

    Yeah we can ride to this
    Just lay back, crew

    [Verse 1]
    Here's a taste of my life, its bitter and sweet
    I put my heart out to the sounds of the drums and the beat
    I put my life on the line when I'm out on the street
    Put my teflon on and roll with my heat
    I keep my circle nice and small, I don't fuck with these clown niggas
    In a race for the cheese, I run laps around niggas
    Soon as I step on stage, the crowd applauds
    Soon as my sneaker wear in stores, Reebok start sore
    I ain't gotta say I'm a boss, niggas can tell
    The east coast crib, the size of a small hotel
    The shit journalist write about me, get me confused
    Have me feelin' like the heavy weight champ when he lose
    I read somewhere, I'm homophobic shiiit
    Go through the hood, there's mad niggas on my dick
    Now we can get hostile or we can do this smooth
    T&T around, I can still make blow move

    [Chorus x2]
    This is what you call ryder music
    All the gangstas are ridin' to it
    Let's roll, I can show ya how we do it
    When we ride to that ryder music (let's go)
    [Let's go]

    [Verse 2]
    Last year, I woke up, a good look, damn it feels good
    On the low, I done fucked half of Hollywood
    Had your favorite actress from your favorite shows
    In my favorite position, you know how it goes
    In my Bentley bumpin' Prince shit "This is When Thugs Cry"
    This is what it sounds like when hollow tip slugs fly
    Homie, this is somethin' you can ride and smoke to
    Stay on point, cause niggas will ride and smoke you
    Jealousy's for women, but some niggas is bitch made
    They make you wanna run across they're head with a switch blade
    They point their finger at me, sayin' I'm bug
    My flows crack you listen, your fuckin' brains on drugs
    Look, ice drippin' on my neck, hands grippin' on the tec
    Fool trippin' through the set, you can get ya ass whipped
    Cards missin' out my deck, screws loose show respect
    You try to come at me kid, your ass better come correct

    [Chorus x2]
    This is what you call ryder music
    All the gangstas are ridin' to it
    Let's roll, I can show ya how we do it
    When we ride to that ryder music (let's go)
    [Let's go]

    [Verse 3]
    My mama gave birth to a winner, I gotta win
    Pray to Lord, forgive me for my sins
    Still thuggin', cruisin', rims gleamin'
    Like the stones on my wrist
    Zonin', guess this is how it feels to be rich
    Homie, you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a bitch
    Stupid, chase the paper, they come with the shit
    I'm fallin', in love with success
    Entrepeneure, kinda sewer, I maneuver the best
    Rowin', ruger on my lap, rubber grip on the handle
    Stunt I'll have ya homies burn a rest in peace candle
    As wise men speak, I listen and learn
    A man dies, a baby's born, my niggas the world turns
    Rappers, I make 'em sick when I say I'm the shit
    They mistake my confidance for arrogance, they hate on the kid
    In '99, I had a vision and made a decision
    Bein' broke is against my religion, now picked up

    [Chorus x2]
    This is what you call ryder music
    All the gangstas are ridin' to it
    Let's roll, I can show ya how we do it
    When we ride to that ryder music (let's go)
    [Let's go]

    13. Disco Inferno

    One, Two, Three, let's GO

    [Chorus - repeat 2x]
    Lil mama, show me how you move it
    Better yet, put your back into it
    Do your thing like it ain't nothing to it
    Shake - sh-sh-shake that ass girl!

    Go, go, go, 50 in the house
    Bounce, y'all already know what I'm about
    The flow sound sick over Dre drums nigga
    I ain't stupid, I see Doc then my doe come quicker, whoa!
    Shorty hips is hypnotic, she moves it so erotic
    Girl watch, I'm like bounce that ass girl
    I get it crunk in here, I make it jump in here
    Front in here we'll thump in here ohh!!
    So gutter, so ghetto, so hood
    So gully, so grimey, what's good
    Outside the Benz on dubs, I'm in the club wit the snub
    Don't start nothing, there won't be nothing, uhh!


    Let's party! Everybody stand up
    Everybody put your hands up
    Let's party! Everybody bounce wit me
    Some champagne and burn a little greenery

    It's hot! Disco inferno!
    Let's go! You're now rocking wit a pro
    I get dough to flip dough, to get more fa sho'
    Get my drink on, then get on the dance floor
    Look homie I don't dance, all I do it this
    It's the same two step wit a lil twist
    Listen punk I ain't new to this, I'm true to this
    Pay attention boy I'll teach you how to do this shit
    You mix a little Goose wit a little Dom Perion
    And a little Hennessy, you know we fi'tn' to carry on
    hollering at these shorties in the club trying to get right
    We gon be up in this bitch till we break daylight


    You see me shining, lit up wit diamonds
    Cause I stay grindin, uh huh!
    Homie you can catch me swooping
    Bentley Coupe n' switching lanes, haha!
    If you see me rolling, you know I'm holding
    I'm bout my paper, yeah!
    Nigga I'm serious, I ain't playing
    I'll embed it in your brain, I'm off the chain, G-Unit!!
    Next level now, turn it up a notch
    Em and Dre sent me to tear up the spot
    Front on me, oh no, you know I'm loco
    Hands up on the dance floor, okay let's go


    14. Just A Lil Bit

    [50 Cent]
    Yeah, Sha-dy, Aftermath - G-Unit!

    Damn baby all I need is a lil' bit
    A lil' bit of this, a lil' bit of that
    Get it crackin in the club when you hear the shit
    Drop it like it's hot, get to whippin that back
    Girl shake that thing, yeah work that thing
    Let me see it go up, and, down
    Rotate that thang, I wanna touch that thang
    When you make it go round and round

    [50 Cent]
    I step up in the club I'm like "Who you wit?"
    G-Unit in the house, yeah that's my click
    Yeah I'm young but a nigga from the old school
    On the dancefloor a nigga doin old moves
    I don't give a fuck, I do what I wan' do
    I hit your ass up boy, I done warned you
    Better listen when I talk nigga, don't trip
    Yo' heat in the car, mines in this bitch
    I ain't tryin to beef, I'm tryin to get my drink on
    And my diamonds, my fitted, and my mink on
    I'ma kick it at the bar 'til it's time to go
    Then I'ma get shorty ear and I'ma let her know

    All a nigga really need is a lil' bit
    Not a lot baby girl, just a lil' bit
    We can head to the crib in a lil' bit
    I can show you how I live in a lil' bit
    I wanna unbutton your pants just a lil' bit
    Take 'em off and pull 'em down just a lil' bit
    Get to kissin and touchin a lil' bit
    Get to lickin and {fuckin} a lil' bit

    [50 Cent]
    This is 50, comin out your ster-e-o
    It's hard to tell though cause I switched the flow
    Eyes a little low cause I twist the 'dro
    Pockets on swoll cause I move the O's
    My neck, my wrist, my ears is froze
    Come get, your bitch, she on me dawg
    She must, ta heard, about the dough
    Now Captain c'mon and Save-a-Hoe
    I get it crunk in the club, I'm off the chain
    #1 on the chart all the time mayne
    When the kid in the house, I turn it out
    Keep the dancefloor packed that's without a doubt
    But shorty shake that thang like a pro man
    She backed it up on me I'm like ohh man
    I got close enough to her so I know she could hear
    System thumpin, party jumpin, I said loud and clear


    [50 Cent]
    Baby you got me feelin right, you heard me?
    My momma gone you can spend the night, you heard me?
    I ain't playin I'm tryin to fuck}tonight, you heard me?
    Clothes off, face down, ass up, c'mon, ha ha

    [Chorus] - 2X

    15. Gunz Come Out

    [Chorus - 2X]
    Y'all niggaz know (wut wut y'all niggaz know, know what I'm about)
    Y'all niggaz know, find me at my do' then the guns come out

    [Verse 1]
    I do this all the time, stuck with a little shine
    Walk with a little nine, case I get in a bind
    They say I'm fuckin' crazy, they think I'm out my mind
    Cause I'm down to bust a nigga head all the time
    Now you know the hoes, they know how I roll
    In that new Rolls with the suicide doors
    22 inch chrome, a nigga money low
    You try to touch me, I put out ya get ya brains blown
    You go against the grain, pussy and you on ya own
    You right there in my zone, welcome to the terridome
    The ice blowin' my chain, blood blow in my veins
    Blue still in the range, I'm doin' my thang
    The semi auto spray, run if you get away
    I'll find your whereabouts and clap at you another day
    nigga play with the bread, get a hole in ya head
    You touch a dime of mine thug and your ass dead

    [Chorus - 2X]

    [Verse 2]
    In the hood, hoopty, hat low, niggaz don't know I'm around
    Hop out, hit 'em up, lay my murder game down
    You see me in ya projects, 187's in progress
    Hard niggaz finna' soften up when that lead touch 'em
    You cut 'em once and keep fight, fuck it just keep cuttin' em
    Its real killa instinct, kill or be killed
    Trust me, you don't wanna feel how hollow tips feel
    Fuck around and get ya cap peeled
    nigga you know the drill, Brownsville
    Flat bush, ground heights, Brooklyn Zoo
    Feed the wolves, they eat the food
    And they ?? fathom too
    nigga welcome to the jungle, New York New York
    Gangstas who sign language and let their guns talk
    Look homie, I'm cool with some bloods, I'm cool with some crips
    I'm cool but if there's a problem, nigga I got extra clips
    I don't know karate, but I split the bricks
    I don't love 'em loverboy, we the shit bitch

    [Chorus - 2X]
    Y'all niggaz know (wut wut y'all niggaz know, know what I'm about)
    Y'all niggaz know, find me at my do' then the guns come out

    [Verse 3]
    I'll come through and touch ya, walk out then cut ya
    In case your dumbass wanna tussle
    AR-15, co-exist to make the shell case muffle
    Scope, infra-red, run you're still dead
    Hit your calf, hit your ass, hit ya back, then your head
    Contract killa, murder for the scrilla
    Search, find a nigga, run up behind a nigga
    Shoot car windows out to flatline a nigga
    Gun pop, heart stop, homie this is heavy
    You on your way to meet your maker, nigga are you ready
    No exception to the rule, death is promised
    Plus I just bought my niggaz new macs and llamas
    Got respect for you, my knife will acommodate you
    One phone call and niggaz will exterminate you
    No future fuckin' with me, there's no tomorrow
    niggaz'll run up on you tonight and hit ya the hardest

    [Chorus - 2X]

    16. My Toy Soldier (Feat. Tony Yayo)

    [50 Cent]
    You ready? Okay let me wind you up
    Do it exactly the way I said do it man
    These niggaz is pussy you heard me?
    Get up nice and close

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    I put that battery in his back, I'm the reason why he move like that
    That's my muh'fuckin toy soldier
    I tell him pop that gat, he gon' pop that gat
    You don't wanna play with my toy soldier
    I say it's on then it's on until your life is over
    Fuckin with my toy soldier
    If youse a casualty of war, trust me I got more
    You don't want it with my toy soldiers

    [Verse One: 50 Cent]
    This is up close now, follow instructions
    Picture a nigga slippin, run up on him and buck him
    I ain't got no conscience no more there's enough to name
    When they stay against us we supposed to touch 'em
    Here's what to do if you see him approach me
    Pop that nigga, I don't care if you know me
    Half the niggaz hatin on me used to be homies
    I don't trust 'em when they smile or when they frown cause they phony
    Everytime I come around they call the police on me
    That's why the D's in the precinct know me
    They know about my rap sheet, they know 'bout how I clap heat
    Run like I'm in a track meet, swift what the mac B
    You can see the envy in they eyes fo' sho' mayyyn
    Mad as a motherfucker that I'm holdiiin
    See me in the back of the Phantom, rolliin
    Quick to make examples out of niggaz fo' sho' man, hold me down


    [Verse Two: 50 Cent]
    Shoot, stab, kill muh'fucker
    If you ain't 'bout it I don't want you around, cocksucker
    Every word out my mouth is felt; that oo-wop pop
    Them hollows so hot, yo' ass'll melt
    Barber razor in the club, stunner get you an' shit
    Right by your ass stitch, gored, your head all taped up
    Niggaz know how I get down, see they know when I'm around
    Ha ha, my soldiers around
    And if some shit goes down - and a nigga get laid down
    It's no surprise cause niggaz know how we get down
    Black tints on the Testarossa, hammer out the holster
    Gat in my lap in case you gotta get clapped
    You monkey niggaz swing through my hood, we on that Gorilla shit
    You clap off and miss, we come back, start killin shit
    Catch us on the corner wearin black chinchilla shit
    We organized, disciplined, plus we militant


    Two windows to a man's soul
    ... fill you with holes
    Listen homey.. I'm the man for the job
    So if he ain't.. (Yayo, c'mon!)

    [Verse Three: Tony Yayo]
    I'm in that two-door Phantom and the body's kitted
    Waves in my head lookin like tsunami hit it
    Niggaz scheme, the infrared beam's on the mac
    I put green on yo' head like a Oakland A's hat
    One boy was a doja, now he a soldier
    My little son Dula lettin off the Ruger
    In a whip mad stuck, lookin for his enemies
    Ridin gassed up, off double D batteries
    Now his casualties, is hooked to them IV's
    (50 gimme the word) that's when I squeeze (yeah!)
    Click-clack, take that, fall back
    It's a contract, 50 grand, I'm 50 man


    [50 Cent]
    Yeah! This is the general speakin (yeah)
    When I say move (ha ha ha) nigga you better move
    Soldier, ha ha
    I don't want nobody talkin to none of my niggaz
    Come around here with that bullshit
    Tryin to feed niggaz bad information and shit
    That's how my toys malfunction

    17. Position Of Power

    Ha ha ha! I told niggaz not to shoot dice with me
    Look at this stack, I got money, I got money!!
    Ha ha ha..

    [Intro: 50 Cent]
    Ahh nigga don't trip, I'll kill you if you fuck with my grip
    I won't hesitate to let off a clip
    Ahh nigga don't trip, you gon' make me get on some shit
    Run up on you quick, wet up your whip
    Ahh nigga don't trip, you gon' get your monkey-ass hit
    Runnin your lip, tryin to fuck with my clique
    Ahh nigga don't trip, in case you didn't know who this is
    It's 50 Cent bitch, G-Unit
    Ahh nigga don't trip

    [50 Cent]
    I come through your hood, stuntin in my yellow Lamb'
    Murcielago, top down, nigga damn
    I'm the biggest crook from New York since Son of Sam
    Cruisin, bumpin Buck's shit, Ruger in my hand
    Thinkin the East ain't enough, it's time to expand
    I plan to head out West and plant my feet down
    A nigga big as King-Kong in the street now
    I do a little house shoppin, and buy me a crib
    It's palm trees and pretty bitches out in Cali kid
    I touch the Hollywood paper, go and shoot me some flicks
    Have some supermodel bitches come and suck on some dick
    Mama'll turn in her grave if I married a white chick
    But baby'll suck the chrome off a Chevy an' shit
    Niggaz be wearin fake shines, I'm rockin a lil' charm
    30 carats on the pinky, kiss the ring on the Don
    Crack open that Cali bud, stuff the weed in the palm

    [Chorus: 50 Cent]
    And if you hustle, for me I'll hustle harder
    I got what you need, them trees that hard that powder
    My niggaz move G-packs, every hour on the hour
    They shoot when I say shoot, so I'm in a position of power
    You fuck around if you wanna

    [50 Cent]
    Where I'm from you learn to blend in or get touched
    I don't need niggaz for support, I don't walk with a crutch
    Niggaz know my steez, they don't fuck with me son
    You got a appetite for hollow-tips, I feed you my gun
    This is Ferrari F-50 shit, it's real laid back
    Type shit you recline to in the Maybachs
    I got two shooters now on the run from the fuzz
    You get the same shit for 10 bodies you get from one cuz
    I live life in the fast lane; hundred miles an hour
    Chrome and some woodgrain
    You know a nigga still really tryin to move 'caine
    Make a little extra money on the side mayne, I ain't playin
    I'm up early with the bird's word, puttin that work in
    Pirellis on the porch chirpin, I'm makin moves
    I got a hundred mill' from music, a hundred grand from crack
    I'm goin to see my jeweler so I can blow a stack


    18. Build You Up (Feat. Jamie Foxx)

    [Jamie Foxxx]
    La la la la la la
    Ooh I'd lie for you baby
    Ooh I'd die for you baby

    [50 Cent overlapping]
    I build you up
    But if ever I fall down
    And I need you to pick me up
    Promise me you'll be around
    Hold me down
    I'll build you up

    [Verse 1- 50 Cent]
    Listen if you let me, I'll be the reason you shine
    Its a secret I want the world to know that you're mine
    But on some real shit, communications could be better
    So I'm writin' a song, instead of a love letter
    They can play it on the radio, a hundred times a day
    I figure when you hear it, you would stop and think of me
    I wanna get to know ya and be the reason you smile
    Girl, you know where I'm from, you know how I get down
    When times are tough, tell me that I'm special
    Not rap, I mean me, that I'm special
    You know they say diamonds are a girl's best friend
    Precious stones, could you put me before them?
    If so, I'll see to it that they always around
    Nothin' but the best now, how does that sound?
    If I talk with you, when we talk you can keep it
    Girl, you on my mind all the time, its a secret [shhh]

    [Chorus x2- Jamie Foxxx]
    Baby I'll build you up
    Girl if I, never show I have you by my side
    I build you up
    Girl I need to know for sure you're mine
    I need to know for sure

    [Verse 2- 50 Cent]
    I think about you thinkin' that you feel the same way
    Was it just my imagionation again runnin' away
    If you ready to ride girl come on let's roll
    G-55 fly, ma let's go
    Its hard to measure the pleasure of havin' you in my presence
    Your smile makes me smile, I'll show you my style
    We can shop a lil bit, I pick out sum shit
    One pair at a time, till your shoe games sick
    Now who knows what the future holds, we'll be together probably
    For better or worst, like Whitney and Bobby
    If you wanna play house, we can play house then
    But wait why pretend when you can move in
    Before I be your buddy in bed, let me be your best friend
    Girl, its more than lust, I want your trust
    You keep it real with me, I'll keep it real with you
    Cause I know with you by my side, there's nothin' I can't do

    [Chorus x2- Jamie Foxxx]
    Baby I'll build you up
    Girl if I, never show I have you by my side
    I build you up
    Girl I need to know for sure you're mine
    I need to know for sure

    19. God Gave Me Style

    [Intro/Chorus: 50 Cent]
    God gave me stylllle, God gave me grace
    - God give me style, God give me grace
    God put a smilllle, on my face
    - Ha ha, God put this smile on my face
    God make me shiiiine, like the sun
    - God make me shine like the sun
    Sometimes I feeeeel, like I'm the one
    - Sometimes I feel like I'm the one

    It ain't my fault, I just reach for style
    I'm hot, I breaks it down
    It ain't my fault, you can't break it down
    The way I break it down

    [50 Cent]
    Listen you can call me what you want, black and ugly
    But you can't convince me the Lord don't love me
    When my CD's drop, they sell the best
    You call it luck, why can't it just be I'm blessed
    I'm a track star runnin through life chasin my dreams
    Best deal I made was tradin the mic for that triple beam
    I zone off thinkin is there really heaven or hell
    If so what happens to a changed man that dies in a cell?
    I need no answers to these questions, cause time will tell
    Got a date with destiny, she's more than a girl
    Don't much good come from me, but my music
    It's a gift given from God, so I'ma use it - yeah

    [Chorus] + [Break]

    [50 Cent]
    Some days I'm in the crowd, all by myself
    Bunch of niggaz around, I'm still by myself
    I drift off on a cloud, by myself
    Thinkin 'bout nothin more, than life - what else?
    These days it's hard to tell who really cares for me
    So when you hear this song, you should say a prayer for me
    I put a message in my music, hope it brightens your day
    If times are hard when you hear it, know you'll be okay
    A O'G told me God's favorites have a hard time
    You're out the hood, that's good, now stay on the grind
    I'm a sponge, knowledge and wisdom I ab-sorb fast
    I'm in a class by myself, you do the math


    [50 Cent]
    It ain't my fault, yeah
    Shoutout to Reverand Floyd Flake
    It ain't my fault, Creflo Dollar, CD Jake
    Ms. Chevetti Allah, is here shorty, ha ha
    Wooo! Feels good
    Oh yeah, can't forget Bishop Moore
    Cause my mama kill me, ha ha

    20. So Amazing (Feat. Olivia)

    [Chorus: Olivia]
    Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
    I'll be around to catch your call
    Cuz you're my baby (you're my baby)
    And I adore you
    You always brighten up my day
    I'll never ever let you wait
    Cuz you're my baby (you're my baby)
    And you're amazing (so amazing)

    [50 Cent]
    I'm from, city to city, to show up to show
    See me I be grinding across the globe
    I hustle hard to get the grip fa'sho
    So when I make time to call you, you should pick up the phone
    Tell me, what's on your mind when you alone
    I have you touching on yaself, girl all in the zone
    Now if I turned you on
    With things I say, would I be wrong?
    Then I don't wanna be right
    Matter of fact, I'd be on the next flight
    Trying to get it on with you tonight
    Do the things you like
    Touch the right spot, have ya piping hot
    While the wind blow through ya hair in the drop
    Just lay back, relax to the sounds of the sex
    And let me do what I do until you climax
    You can go straight to sleep after it's all over
    In the morning, roll over and we can start over


    [50 Cent]
    Yeah, I called just to say
    "Hope you're having a ni
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